60 years

our history

Innovation, Effectiveness and Efficiency

Turnkey Services

The most felt ambition of I.E.E. S.r.l. company is to guarantee for present and future "keys in hand" service.

The essential conditions for its optimal functioning is the creation of a trustworthy relationship between our technical and commercial team and customer.

After the first contact to know each other and understand customer's requests and needs, we draw up a detailed and sequential estimate based on our company's experiences and knowledge.

This assessment is submitted to client who having an economical and programmatic view of the intervention to be carried out can provide more indications to continue the work. One of our coordinators who being a component of I.E.E. S.r.l. company, supervises the respect of execution time and guarantees repairing and maintenance's qualitative aspects as proposed by the contract.

After the realization, the next steps are testing and delivery to customer.

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